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Lay Ministries


The members of the Christian Church of Woodland (Disciples of Christ) live out our mission statement by engaging in a variety of ministries and mission activities in our local community and beyond. Here are some of the ways our church carries out the work of Jesus:

Christian Women's Fellowship

This group meets once a month for study, worship, and fun on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30pm.


Dominoes Night

This ladies group meets once a month for a fun dominoes game night, complete with potluck food. Participants are asked to bring a $5 gift for dominoes prizes. Hosts and locations rotate. To join please ask one of our ladies for more information.


Woodland Food Closet

WFC is housed in our education building, and is a non-profit separate from the church. For questions or to volunteer please contact Gaye Nakken at 530-662-7020


Prayer Chain

More than 30 people receive requests for prayer. To join the prayer chain, or if you have a request for prayer, please contact MaryJo Holmes at 530-662-7417


Fourth & Hope

A team of church members serve dinner at our local homeless shelter and mission once a week. To join please contact Ann Edwards at 530-666-5227


Mission Trips

Each year members of our church travel to the site of some recent disaster to help with rebuilding efforts.  For 5 years the trips were to New Orleans helping rebuild following Hurricane Katrina.  This year’s trip was to Colorado, to repair damages from the flood.

Book Classes & Study Sessions

We have multiple Bible study sessions and book classes throughout the week. To join please speak with Pastor Larry for dates, times, and reading materials.


Our church newsletter is mailed out every two weeks, and can also be received via email, at no cost! This is a great way to stay up-to-date on schedule changes, events, fundraisers, and special occasions in the church. To be added to the mailing list please contact the church office at 530-662-9356


Children's Worship & Wonder

This is a wonderful Sunday School program, adopted in 2014. It allows our youth to enter a worship space and start to learn what being a Disciple is all about! All kids are welcome to join after Children's Moment. For more information, visit the CW&W page.



Every Sunday we open Worship Service with Praise Music, 15 minutes of modern hymns accompanied by guitar, to welcome in our worshippers. Our Chancel Choir is led by Greg Hayakawa, and welcomes new members. They meet every Thursday for rehearsal at 6:30pm in our Sanctuary, and sing our Anthem during Sunday Worship Service for three(3) Sundays a month during the season, taking the summer months off.

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