Weekly Calendar


9:00 AM - Livestream Worship to Facebook

Every other Sunday

9:00 AM - Welcome Table Worship

Contact Beja Springer to join.

10:30 AM - In Service Livestream on Facebook and Zoom worship. 

Contact Pastor Larry Love for Zoom link.

9:45 AM - Praise Music (While people are arriving, we sing praise music until 10:00 AM)

10:00 AM - Worship Service

10:15 AM - Children's Worship & Wonder 

11:30 AM - Fellowship Hour (Parker Hall)



9:00 AM - Monday Fellowship in  Library



6:45 PM - Book Study



10:30 AM - Bible Study 


11:30 AM - Zoom Prayer Time



6:15 PM - Choir Rehearsal

in Sanctuary

Upcoming Events





On-Going Events

Christian Women's Fellowship (CWF)

1st Thursday of every month -  6:30 PM

Social Distancing in Courtyard


Flower Group

2nd Thursday of every month - 11:00 AM

(July-August Summer Break)

Bingo at Cottonwood

4th Wednesday of every month - 2 PM


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